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Delivering smart public relations and content marketing campaigns

Welcome to Mutant

Mutant Communications is a vibrant agency with a powerful track record in highly tailored public relations, content marketing and digital campaigns across Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region.

We work closely with brands to ensure their message is heard loud and clear. Whether we're sharing information with media, staging meaningful and memorable events, building up thought leaders or connecting brands to their digital communities, we know what works!

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Our Blog

standing out from the crowd

The battle of the brands: Does controversy work?

In an incredibly dense and competitive marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly hard for brands to really stand out and make an impact. Brands now have

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how to convince your manager the business needs content marketing

4 ways to convince your manager to adopt content marketing

Exactly two decades ago, Bill Gates predicted the power of content marketing, writing an essay on “Content is King”. We’ve been hearing this mantra

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5 myths about Public Relations

Working in public relations (PR) has it’s fair share of benefits – cool product launches, exclusive parties, and getting to meet some great leaders

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A day in the life of … a Mutant Content Manager

Ever wondered what a Mutant Content Manager really does every day?Between writing blogs, white papers and e-books, and the odd Beyonce-style

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Trump and clinton debate on twitter

What the Trump vs Clinton debate can teach us about live tweeting

Whether you live in Singapore or the United States, the Twitter play-by-play of the Trump Vs Clinton presidential debate had more jabs than a

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Getting creative with company news

4 tips on creating news out of thin air

Come on, a reader knows when you're out of ideas. Every company goes through a phase where there is simply nothing news-worthy to announce, no new

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When was your last content audit?

Over time you will have accumulated a large library of content. You may have already published it across your website, social media pages or even

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Brangelina: The PR Breakdown of a Break-Up

The story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is one of a carefully constructed image. Since day dot, their public relations machine has been churning out

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How to score your first job in PR

Internships are vital for getting your foot in the door. Just because you’ve studied for more than a decade to eventually get your degree doesn’t mean

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Resource Library