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Welcome to Mutant

Mutant Communications is a vibrant agency with a powerful track record in highly tailored public relations, content marketing and digital campaigns across Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region.

We work closely with brands to ensure their message is heard loud and clear. Whether we're sharing information with media, staging meaningful and memorable events, building up thought leaders or connecting brands to their digital communities, we know what works!

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Social media do and dont

The do’s and don’ts of social media

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Distributing content to the right people

Great job! You’ve created a lot of content that’s just waiting to be read. Now the next step is to identify what you want to share, how and

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4 steps to simplifying your fancy shmancy software pitch

How many times have you attempted to explain your software platform or application and start blubbering out a list of features before flatly

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Your brand sucks: Part 2

If you’ve just joined us, this feature is part of a regular series giving you a brutally frank yet realistic look at the startup world. In ‘Your brand

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Content distribution 101

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Capturing the younglings (with the help of social media)

Most Millennials and Gen Z (iMillennials, as they are infamously called) have grown up in an environment where everyone is connected 24/7. They can

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Resource Library
Resource Library