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Delivering smart public relations and content marketing campaigns

Welcome to Mutant

Mutant Communications is a vibrant agency with a powerful track record in highly tailored public relations, content marketing and digital campaigns across Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region.

We work closely with brands to ensure their message is heard loud and clear. Whether we're sharing information with media, staging meaningful and memorable events, building up thought leaders or connecting brands to their digital communities, we know what works!

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Our Blog

Planning for PR strategy to bead adblocking

How to use PR to beat ad-blocking

If you’re a tech company operating in Asia, know this: you’re operating in the same region where 93% of mobile ad-blockers are located. As more

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Header image showing brands using Facebook for content

Have you been using Facebook the right way?

With 1.65 billion monthly active users, it won’t come as a surprise that Facebook is the most-used social media site across all age groups. I also bet

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How Pokémon Go hit the marketing jackpot

Yesterday, a friend pulled into my parking lot to drop me off and asked to ‘sit for a while’. I thought he had to tell me something personal, as

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Image showing data for use in media story angles

Up your PR game with data

There are many ways to pitch and attain news coverage for your brand, from launch announcements, funding announcements, acquisition announcements to

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Image of lipstick showing digital content makeover

How to give your digital content a makeover

In today's digital society it has become increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and be seen by the right people. There is so much information

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Are you adding those snaps to your brand story?

You’ve realised the potential of building your brand’s presence on social media. You’re running a great Facebook page and you have an Instagram

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Image of a media training session

Have you met yourself on camera?

Despite dozens of media training sessions we’ve conducted here at Mutant, I have yet to meet someone who absolutely loves the way they sound and look

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Image showing having fun - content marketing

FunTech: Make that content cray

Making tech sound complicated is easy. Just whir adjectives, buzzwords, and punctuation into a blender and you have the first boilerplate for many

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Example of google analytics for copywriting and seo

Everything you need to know about copywriting and SEO

So, you’ve nailed down your content – now what? Maybe you’re struggling with content optimisation and how to get the most out of your copy. Perhaps

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Resource Library
Resource Library