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Mutant Communications is a young and vibrant agency with a powerful track record in highly tailored public relations, content marketing and digital campaigns across Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region.

We work closely with brands to ensure their message is heard loud and clear. Whether we're sharing information with media, staging meaningful and memorable events, building up thought leaders or connecting brands to their digital communities, we know what works!

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Our Blog

a musician's guide to public relations

A musician’s guide to public relations

Like any young boy, I went through phases about what I was convinced I was going to do with my life. When I was 10, I was sure I wanted to repair cars

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how to handle social media haters

Digital Crisis Management: Dealing with haters on social media

It shouldn’t matter, and you shouldn’t care what other people think of you, but we all know how hard negativity is to ignore. When you get a

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how to communicate like elon musk

How to communicate like Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the world’s raddest man. Sure, he’s an engineer, investor, genius, innovator, and has an actual car startup. But did you know he’s also

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public relations with attitude NWA

P.R.W.A (Public Relations Wit Attitude)

You might think gangster rap and the PR industry have little to do with each other, but if Straight Outta Compton has taught me anything, it’s that

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how to make instagram content discoverable

How to make your Instagram content discoverable

Congratulations! You’ve created an Instagram page for your business. Now what? Since acquiring Instagram in 2012, Facebook has kept this simple

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social media tips from the rich and famous

Social media lessons from the rich and famous

The growth and popularity of social media has been incredible. As consumers, we use a multitude of platforms to keep in touch with people across the

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3 steps successful media drop

How to send a memorable media gift

So, your client has requested a hand-delivered gift for the media. Believe it or not, there’s an art to making sure press material will be remembered

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4 media training lessons we can all learn from ahmed mohamed

4 media training tips we can all learn from Ahmed Mohamed

In case you’ve been off the Twittersphere or living in isolation, you may have missed the story of Ahmed Mohamed – the bright, 14 year-old student in

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why content marketers need a journalism background

Lessons from @jonnysun: Why content marketers need a journalism background

Emotions make content viral, not the content itself. Anger, awe, happiness, enlightenment and sadness create the urge to share with others. When

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Resource Library