Case Study:

JobStreet (SG & MY)


Job Scope

Content, Design


JobStreet Singapore engaged Mutant for its content services in 2019. Since then, JobStreet Malaysia has also worked with Mutant in a similar capacity, and both are ongoing.


Mutant has worked with JobStreet Singapore for its “Laws of Attraction” campaign, based around an in-depth study of over 7,000 candidates in Singapore, and 10,000 in Malaysia, across 20-25 industries. The projects included the creation of both long and short-form content for social media, the campaign microsite, and downloadable resources, such as multiple ebooks and infographics. JobStreet Singapore also engaged Mutant to help create event collateral and a keynote presentation for the official LOA launch.



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Across Singapore and Malaysia, Mutant worked with JobStreet to produce:

  • More than 90 insights-driven content pieces for creation of the LOA interactive website
  • Over a dozen blogs and infographic-led articles for their website
  • A series of ebooks, including full concept creation and design
  • Social media content for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Event support for launch event/conference
  • Planning and copywriting for keynote speech